Thursday, 6 June 2013

I had to get this!

Ahvid (my lovely boyfriend) keeps saying that I have enough baking books, but I say one can never have enough. I got this absolute STEAL from The Works for £9.99 (RRP around £20 from any other book shop).

Who doesn't like Paul Hollywood? I mean, seriously, who doesn't? This book says "How to Bake" on the front, but I reckon this should be simplified to "How to Bake Bread Properly Without Cheating and/or Having a Baking Disaster". This book definitely has the proper way to make bread. As I said, I don't believe in cheating (using "help" like a liquidiser/electric whisk/breadmaker) to bake, and this book certainly doesn't cut any corners with the recipes. I've skimmed through all of them and they're long, detailed, and very well written. As well as bread, we all know Paul loves his doughs. This book is very reflective of this as most of the recipes you find inside are dough based with the exception of a few cake recipes towards the back. The book is very easy to follow and every recipe is accompanied by a lovely full-page photo to actually see what your final results could be. As well as recipes it's also full of tips and step-by-step how-to photos. Very useful if you're a novice, as some recipe books are  vague and only include the bare minimum. All in all looks like a great addition to my collection and I'll hopefully be making delicious breads from this book.

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