Tuesday, 21 May 2013


Hello Interwebs, my name is Bea, and this be my very very first blog! Aren't you all so excited!? I know I am. Here, in this hallowed space that I will now call Bea's Bakes, is where I will share with you delectable and delicious concoctions of loveliness (or in simple terms, I'm going to bake things and post them here) 

First of all, I'd like to say thank you, Interwebs, for allowing this here project to go ahead.

Second of all, the bit where I tell you about me:
As you probably have sussed, my name is Bea. It is short for Beatrice. Now that we've got the terms of address aside, I can speak about the important stuff: Baking. Stress-reliever, stress-inducer, hobby, family-feud-diffuser, whatever you want to call it. I consider it to be one of life's importances, much to my mum's chagrin because -let's face it- every time I bake at home it looks like World War 3 has commenced in the kitchen. But that's besides the point- back to the about me bit...

20 Facts About Me 

Me with my boyfriend, Ahvid (:
  • I was born on June 12, 1993, in Lincoln, UK, and since then have been surgically attached to a whisk.
  • My earliest memory of baking was making heart-shaped biscuits, and I remember insisting they were blue (sorry mum). 
  • The recipe that I have practiced the most would definitely be currant buns (my dad's favourite).
  • As previously stated, I am the world's messiest baker.
  • I can't bake without a proper set of electric kitchen scales (I can't measure by eye)
  • I love pastel colours
  • Currently shooting with a Nikon D90 (all my photos will be either this or iPhone)
  • I have a boyfriend whose name is Ahvid.
  • I think using an electric whisk or food processor is cheating, unless it's to make Chantilly cream or meringues.
  • I currently work for Apple, and my colleagues are my bakery guinea pigs (apart from my family).
  • Biscuits are my weakness (baking them, not eating them, hah! Okay, I lied, I love eating them).
  • I have never attempted a savoury bake (this will change).
  • My baking idols are my nan and Delia Smith.
  • My favourite cake is carrot cake.
  • I wish to start a bakery very soon.
  • My parents live a long way away in Orlando, Florida. ):
  • I live in London.
  • I'm addicted to watching The Great British Bake Off, but I must confess I hate Mary Berry.
  • I love scones. A lot.

and finally

I really, really hope that this blog will be a success.

And so this concludes my very first post. Baking posts will commence soon.

Thanks for reading! (:

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